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Typical Day Itinerary

The following itinerary is a typical day in the life of your fur baby while they are staying with us.


7am-9am: Guest arrival – Arrivals happen throughout the day but this is typically the busiest time. After your check-in, any belongings you bring are placed into designated cubbies for safe keeping and your dog is assigned to a play group based on their size and temperament.  Potty break, Supervised open play


9am-12pm: Organized play time with staff in outside play yards and/or inside Lounge areas. This period is an active playtime for all dogs. Each play group spends time interacting with our staff and each other. We play fetch, bubble catch, chasing games, tug of war just to name a few games. Lots of fun and a good way to burn off excessive energy.


12pm-2pm: Potty Breaks, Nap Time for Doggies, Potty Breaks Again.  Break time makes for better play time.  Treats are offered following potty break and then it’s time for a nap if your pet so desires.


2pm-6pm: Treats and doggie exercise period


6pm-7pm: Potty breaks, calming down


7pm:  Last of our daycare pals leave for the day


Overnight Guests only – Supervision throughout the night

6pm-7pm:  Dinner service


6pm-8pm: Doggie games, walks to stretch legs


8pm-9pm: Snack time, last potty breaks of the night


9pm-10pm: Suite Dreams (each overnight guest retires to their assigned  suite) with belly rubs


10pm-6am: Doggie dream time, lights out (night lights on), sweet dreams music


6am: Breakfast service


This itinerary is subject to change depending upon weather conditions and disposition of our canine guests.


Mandeville dog day care grooming boarding St Tammany


"Holy Moly! This place is the creme de la creme of Doggie Daycares! And...they are exceptional with my beloved babies too! Wouldn't trust any other place!"



Courtney B - Sammy and Bette's owner



""Sadie enjoys her days at day care. 

  She is surrounded by an attentive staff and all of her canine friends.

    The large play yard gives her an outlet for her energy and playing with the other dogs keeps her happy and socialized.  She is always excited to pull up each day."


Jason C - Sadie's owner


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